Faces of Hate

September 30, 2005

Today I drove to Yakima Washington to attend the memorial service of a hero killed in Iraq and when I arrived I noticed a peculiar group of people in front of the church where the services will be held.

After parking my car and getting my camera unpacked, I approached the front of the church and what I saw got my blood boiling.

I was so furious I had to keep pacing to keep a composure.  I had different emotions colliding at once.  I was depressed and sad having to attend another funeral for one of our fallen heroes and now I'm also angry because of a little hate group that call themselves a church.

I'm all for free speech, and I also realize that this Sergeant 1st Class of the U.S. Army has given his life to help protect free speech, but these people made me want to go ballistic on them.

They have no respect for the fallen hero or his family and friends.

All I saw was hatred coming from this group, and they where dragging their children into this.  I don't even think the little girl knows what an IED is.  

I blocked out the main face parts of the children because I believe they are not there by choice and they should not be blamed or punished for being there and wishing death and harm to Americans.


"The Westboro Baptist Church traveled to Yakima to push their agenda against the United States' stance on homosexuals"

"........ was not gay, but the church has chosen to push its agenda at soldiers funerals across the county. They believe God is punishing America for harboring homosexuals gays by killing soldiers overseas." Source KNDO News




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Note: I purposely did not mention the name of the soldier, church etc. because I don't want them disgraced in any way by being on the same page as these haters.



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