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About Pure Hawaiian Air In A Bottle

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Contact Information for Kolopua, Hawaii LLC, makers of Pure Hawaiian Air in a Bottle

Another great novelty creation by Jon  Paul Farmer. 

Jon has heard from so many people about the pure air in Hawaii. 


The fragrance of flowers in the air.  The smell of love and romance. 


The nose provides you with one of the best memory triggers out there and many wish they could take the air with them.


Jon has made this a reality by bottling the air in Hawaii.


You shake the bottle a little, press open the cap and take a whiff of that great Hawaiian Air and find yourself back on the islands..







Heaven In A Bottle

Remember The Romance

10/12/2003  Q Madp  PO Box 86888  Portland OR 97286-0888 www.IraqWarHeroes.com